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Bless him, Russell T Davies would email me after every single episode, going, 'I'm loving it!' He absolutely fell in love with Sinead who plays Nina. So he's given her a part in David Tennant’s last two parter.

-Toby Whithouse on RTD's love for Being Human. The big man is right as usual, it's brill, and Toby should totally be Moffat's successor. So anyway, Nina's this one from BH, and here's a glammier shot from parody soap Echo Beach. No news on what role Sinead plays. Howevs...

An anonymous tipster gave us some info about Timothy Dalton's supposed role in the final episodes of the David Tennant era. (So take it with a grain of salt.) Apparently, Dalton will be playing the Lord Chancellor of the High Council of Time Lords, and we'll first see him at the end of November's "Waters Of Mars." Also popping up at the end of "Waters"? Daleks and Ood. We'll be seeing more of Dalton, at least, in the final two Tennant episodes, around the end of the year. But we don't know if Dalton's appearances are current events, or flashbacks. Also, the last scene of Tennant's final episode is Matt Smith, wearing Tennant's brown suit, staring out at "the wreckage." Remember, you read it on the internet, so it must be true!

This from io9. So, what do you think? The second one sounds like silliness to me.
Tags: casting, spoilers & shenanigans
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