People? On my internets? - Maldelic Drakivaz (maldelic) wrote in doctorwho,
People? On my internets? - Maldelic Drakivaz

Tenth Doctor Coat

Ok, so I saw a posting from last year on this community about people trying to get Abbeyshot to produce a tenth doctor coat and everyone saying that it would cost to much.

I make coats.  I don't do commissions or commercial production because I do not have the time, but I can produce professional looking long coats from patterns.

If people reply that they are interested, then I will keep this community updated on the progress of the coat and post tips and instructions to aid doctor who lovers in making their own coats.  Everyone here needs to understand that sewing is NOT HARD given that one can follow the pattern instructions, cut straight lines, and acquire the proper tools.  Far too few people sew today because they are warded off by how hard it seems or by looking at more complex garments.  Sure, I can't sew Donna's wedding dress, but I can slap a coat together in no time flat - it's roughly 10 unique pieces of fabric that sew together with mostly straight lines.

The reply to this will have the initial project draft/setup.  I hope it is appropriate to post this here - it's my first post on this community. Hi to everyone!
Tags: clothes and cosplay, hellos
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