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DT – the really, really early years

Background – This came from a friend of a work colleague who went to Paisley Grammar School and was a year behind DT. It featured in the school magazine 'The Grammarian'. I only know it's from 1988, but the magazine may only have been yearly. My school's one certainly was.

The original image (photo of the page) can be seen here. I've tried to preserve the original wonky punctuation, etc.

Rising Stars

As some of you may remember from last year, David McDonald, then in his 5th year had a leading part in I.T.V's Dramarama Production "The Secret of Croftmore".

Since then David's career in Acting has gone from strength to strength.

After leaving Paisley Grammar last year, David successfully gained a place at the "R.S.A.M.D." in Glasgow, where he is studying for a B.A. in Dramatic Arts. As he explained to the "Grammarian", the course draws together every aspect of producing a show, whether it be for Television or the Theatre. As part of his course work he has to learn about:

1. Movement (How to sway like a tree).
2. Vocal Projection (How to shout at the audience).
3. Make-up (How to hide your zits.)
4. Directing (How to shout at other people).
5. Stage Management (How to arrange furniture).
On top of this he also has regular periods of Dancing, Singing and Fencing?????

David has a further 2 years with the "R.S.A.M.D." before leaving to go into either Teaching or serious Acting. Already this year, he has completed the filming of a Television Play, which will be screened by the B.B.C. later in the year.

David has two screen idols: John Cleese, as he is a "Genius" and has the longest legs ever seen on television, and also Derek Jacobi, whom he met recently.

David has no real ambitions, only to live and to "fulfil" himself, - Whatever that means?

There is however one particular role which David would love to play – Dr. WHO.

The reason?

"I have a fettish about men dressed in plastic suits !!!!"

When you do see David on the television or on the stage it won’t be as David McDonald, but as David Tennant, his stage name.

Who knows, maybe one day David will be as famous as Peter Howitt (Joey, from "BREAD") who was also a pupil at Paisley Grammar School.
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